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The Heat Goes On

19 Jun

We are still in the midst of horrible heat.  It has been more like August than June.  On top of that, the drought has continued.  In fact, we’ve progressed to severe drought based on the last drought monitor report.

Aurora is the one who can least tolerate the heat.  She does not do well with extreme heat or cold.  I’m starting to question my decision of a belly cut for her, but she was so cold over the winter, I thought it would be best.


Everyone is looking for a cool drink and a bit of shade.

I swear I am constantly cleaning and filling water tubs and buckets (the geese get them horribly dirty). And don’t even start me on the flies and wasps this year.  It has been horrible.

Joy, her boy Olaf, and Reva’s boy Micah

Luckily, we have a break coming.  Tomorrow is supposed to bring rain.  It looks like we could get an inch, which will not change our drought rating, but it will hopefully give my crops and pasture what they need to survive.  Then the temperatures are supposed to drop also.  We are all ready for a break from the heat.

This has been a horrible year to try to grow anything or try to do anything outside.  Even Bob Cat has decided it’s too hot to go out.

Bob Cat

But I’ve worked hard to get my garden reclaimed the last few days, since Tansy and Onyx had their kids.

Is this not the most sorry corn patch you’ve ever seen?  Well, I have replanted all the empty spaces.

I had to replant some of my beans, beets, some zucchini, and okra also.

beans, beets, brussel sprouts, and onions

I wasn’t even going to attempt carrots again, so that got replanted with brussel sprouts.