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The Latest On Haley

18 Jun

Summer has really hit us quickly. It feels like July.  I feel bad for the animals with the early heat.  They were not ready at all.  I can only imagine how hot is is for Haley with her bandage.


In good news, Haley is doing amazingly well.  She’s putting weight on her leg and continuing to improve her body condition.  When the vet was here on Monday, he was impressed with how well it looks.

I am going to officially say I am optimistic for a full recovery  now.  And we only have another week of antibiotics.  Poor girl has to feel like a pin cushion.  In fact, we are just putting a light bandage on it now to keep it clean and the flies off.  This means, I am going to try to switch to just me (and the help of a kind son or nephew holding her) changing her bandages.

I also got my new and improved tarp hut finished.  I had to add a couple of posts to raise the tarp.  It does make it much cooler under there with the extra space.  Also, if we ever do get rain, I’ll have a lot less rain to drain from the top.

Of course, I worry about shade as they lay on and in and under the old metal feeder right out in the sun.

Perdita on top; Haley on bottom