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New Cousins

17 Jun

I had two first time moms with unknown due dates.  They were keeping me up.  They were driving me crazy trying to remember anything that would help me figure out when they might be due.

Onyx and Tansy

Well, Wednesday morning, bright and early, Tansy had little Miss Sunshine.

Those ears!


Tansy was a bit freaked out by my helping her, so I took her and her little girl over to the Love Shack.  They are doing great!

Later that afternoon, I helped Onyx with her big boy.

We might have both screamed and grunted in the vet’s ear over the phone because we called.  Like magic, it makes the baby come into the world.  (Sorry, Scott.)

I had hoped for a girl from Onyx because she and Tiger were supposed to give me the doe to make the perfect kid.

This is the sixth boy I’ve gotten from Tiger and no girls.

Being a Tiger baby makes him a full first cousin to Tansy’s baby.