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The Drought Continues

11 Jun

I see the blue skies and puffy clouds and wish they were rain clouds.  Our drought has continued.

They said on the news that we are nearly seven inches down on rain for the year, and we were already dry going into this year.

We are also ridiculously hot for this time of year.

Dolly checking out the tall grass right before it was mowed

My hay was mowed, but it isn’t going to grow much until we get more rain.

That worries me for my soybeans.

It worries me for my pasture.

Aurora and Maybeline

I have already been watering the garden almost every day.  Ironically, the weeds are the only things that are doing well there.  The row stuff is pretty spotty, but I don’t think it would do much good to replant.

There’s a few corn plants coming up in there.

Well, the tomatoes look okay with the watering.

tomato and blossom

We really need rain, but even when we’ve had those gray clouds I haven’t gotten anything.  One afternoon, my mom got rain (a couple of miles from me) and I could see rain in the distance and hear thunder, but my farm had only a few sprinkles.

It didn’t even slow down my watering the garden.

watering a broccoli plant

Please send rain.