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Three Steps to a Difficult Birth

10 Jun

Last night when I went out to check goats, Onyx was acting like she was not going to do anything.

Joani, however, was in early labor.  I was up checking her all night.

Joani is in the background; my other night pictures were just black (sorry)

Finally at 7:00 the next morning, it was obvious I had to pull her baby.  This was an extremely difficult birth because she pulled off the trifecta of having a difficult birth.

spoiler alert: a happy ending

Step one:  Joani is a fluffy goat.  By fluffy, I do mean fat, but that’s not nice, so she’s fluffy.  Being overweight makes it harder to give birth.


Step two:  Have a single kid.  They are bigger (bonus points for a buck).

Step three: Genetics.  Joani is a Boeris baby. I stopped breeding with Boeris because he was giving me so many big headed kids causing difficult births.

Boeris Van de Yell

This one was extremely difficult.  I know I tore her getting him out.  There’s usually not so much blood. Fluids yes; blood no.

But he is here and Joani got pain meds.  I felt a lot better once she delivered the placenta.  The only way it could have been worse would have been to add a fourth step:  be overdue.  Luckily, she went into labor on her due date.

He is a big, big-headed buck!  He’s also very cute.

Meet Glover

I think we’re all going to recover from this.