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Yearling Bucks

8 Jun

Yesterday, when I talked about all the yearling kids on the farm, but I forgot to mention the bucks.  I still have two bucks from last year–Freddie and Tiger.  They are still here to help me make the perfect kid.

Xerxes, Freddie, and Tiger

I am excited to see what kids I get from them this June.  So far, Tiger has given me five adorable boys.


He’s supposed to be giving me a girl with either Onyx or Moira (or preferably both).

Tiger in a tree

If I get nice girls from him, I’ll probably sell him.  He is handsome, but he is a pain to try and keep where he belongs.

Then there’s Freddie.

Freddie running to me when I said his name.

He wasn’t feeling well (because of copper) when we did our first round of kidding, so I haven’t seen any kids from him yet.

He and Hilda are supposed to give me a buck.

Tasting my fingers, my sweatshirt, my camera strap…

It is going to be hard to say goodbye to him.  Although, he’s kind of like a bull in a China shop–he’ll bite my fingers and run me over to see if I have treats.  But I do adore my Freddie.  And he is my last kid from Fionn.  He might end up being my next wether.  Because I’m a horrible livestock farmer.

Xerxes–just because he’s handsome

I also need to get a new buck this summer.  I need new blood.