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End of the Week Updates

28 May

You might have guessed from my earlier posts, that Caroline is doing better with her copper issues, so I let her out of the north paddock.

Chunky and Caroline

I finally let Bob outside because he was driving us all crazy being shut in the house.  Really.  He’s still feeling pretty good; although, I think it hurt his toe more than he anticipated.  He came back to the house and took a long nap after the first time I let him out again.  I just hope he doesn’t make it a summer habit to fight.

The little floofs are getting too big to call floofs.  They’re just little honkers now.

Yes, there’s water in the scoop shovel. They’re too little for the pool.

They are still cute though.

Mr. Peacock is still dancing for the hens, and they are still unimpressed.

Here’s more of the goats out in pasture.

Rajah checking out the tall grass

Litha resting by the ditch

Hilda looking very pregnant (even though she has a month to go)

Have a great weekend!