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Shearing Day

24 May

Friday evening I got the call that the llama shearer was coming the next day.  Okay.  That means I had to adjust to the new goat schedule and figure out how to keep the llamas out of pasture until the goats left and then try to get the llamas shut in someplace we could easily halter them.  No worries…


I did luck out because two of the llamas were lounging on the west side of the barn.  By the time I got a panel across there, Aurora got curious and just joined them.  Yay!

Aurora, Maybeline, and Odie

After the goats finally went to pasture, I used another panel to block the exit and let the llamas back into the barnyard.

My dang finger got in the way again.

It was a perfect plan–use calf starter to lure them into the greenhouse and then shut them in!  Well, two out of three fell for it.

Maybeline, Odie, and Aurora

Maybeline was a brat.  I couldn’t bribe her with anything.

Then Aurora choked (a common thing with llamas), and I thought she was going to just die, but she got it all out.

Finally, I moved on to Plan B with Maybeline and put a panel across the first section in the barn.  All she had to do was walk in there, and then I put another panel in front of the exit.

I got them all trapped.  Finally.

Then we spent the rest of the day waiting, wishing we weren’t alone, and spitting.

And then he never showed up, so I let them out that evening.  I did keep them in the barnyard because I did finally get a text saying we would do it the next day…