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Oh, Bob. Stop Fighting.

22 May

Bob is in full summer prowling and hunting all night mode. Of course, he comes in for a quick breakfast before heading back out, and he does enjoy spending his evenings in the house.

Bob snuggled with Sky the night before

When he didn’t show up for breakfast one morning last week, I wasn’t too worried.

When he didn’t show up that evening, I was horribly worried.  After calling for him for nearly an hour, he finally showed up.  He is not happy when other cats come onto the farm, and it was immediately obvious that he’d been in a horrible fight and lost.  He was covered in tufts of fur coming out and little devil seeds.  I noticed blood right away on his legs and ears.

I tried to clean him up and remove the seeds, but it was days later that I finally quit finding them.

It was obvious that he was going to need a visit to the vet for some antibiotics.  He was already hot with fever.   He had completely lost a toenail.  He came to bed and snuggled in while I was reading.  He didn’t move all night other than to sigh and relax a little.  He was better by morning, but he was still feverish.

Luckily, the vets worked him in to be seen right away (I love my vets).  He got trimmed around the bite wound.  There are corresponding marks on the back side too.  He got a long-acting antibiotic shot.

After two days, I was still pulling those seeds out of his fur and finding new wounds.

How did I miss that?

I still haven’t let him out of the house, and that makes him grumpy.   Life with a hissy, growling Bob Cat is not fun.

Waiting for me to open the door.

Although, he’s still happy to sit on my lap and help me with my knitting.

The ear got all puffy, but the antibiotics are taking care of that.

When he’s not snuggling with the dog, he’s beating on him.  I mean that seriously–growling and jumping at him and smacking with the remaining claws out.

We’ll all be happy when Bob can go back outside.  But he is getting way too old for this kind of behavior.