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Haley’s Home!

18 May

I am so excited that Haley got to come home yesterday!  I went over the the hospital and they discharged her with specific instructions to continue her treatment and recovery at home.

We wasted no time in leaving.

A vet student bringing Haley to the exit.

Well, we did have to wait for the gate to open.

I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to unload herself, but my nephew said he could help if we needed it.

She decided the green stuff was worth jumping out of the truck to get.

Eating a scrub mulberry

Then I led her to the Love Shack where she will stay for a while. I do have her shut in the building now because of how wet it is (crazy to say that), and she needs to keep her bandage clean (hahaha) and dry.

Flora telling Haley how glad she is to have her home.

She told me that they starved her at the hospital. I don’t really believe her, but she was happy to get her calf starter and sweet feed.  She got some peanuts as a treat.

Then I cut a bucket of grass for her to go with her tub of hay.

I am very glad to have her home.