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16 May

I know I’ve mentioned how dry we’ve been–moderate drought according to the weatherman.  I am happy to say that we’ve had some rain the last couple of days.  I wasn’t sure it was going to hit us on Saturday.  When I hit the video, it showed us barely getting a sprinkle.

I went out and watched the clouds, and they kept coming closer.

I hoped we’d get at least some rain.

I found the panorama button on my phone.

Finally, it rained!  It really rained!

I watched out one window.

Darn finger got int he way again.

The dog watched out another window.


I couldn’t even see which goat was in the door of the barn.

We really got some rain!

When it finished, I went out to see how much rain we got.  Some little goslings were happy with it.

Aurora didn’t look so happy with it.


I think we got about an inch of rain.

I am thrilled!