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A Haley Update

14 May

I decided I was in over my head, so I hauled Haley to Iowa State’s Lloyd Veterinary Hospital.

She was good for the ride over, but it was really hard to leave her there because I didn’t know if it would be the last time I saw her.

Haley (sorry for the thumb-still learning the camera on the phone)

They did x-rays and a full exam, and we decided her best option was surgery because the infection had already gotten to her bone.  They would clean the bone and joint and follow up with a couple more flushings of the joint.  Honestly, it was her only chance, and we’ve long ago established I’m a horrible livestock farmer.  Anyhow, she went into surgery early on Friday morning.

Haley hanging in the barn from Jan 2021

They called me after the surgery, and she made it through just fine.  The vet was really optimistic about how well things cleaned up.

Haley from March 7th. You can already see the swelling in that back foot even though she was not limping.  I totally missed it.

She’ll stay through the weekend, and then she will hopefully be able to come home to finish treatment and recovery.  She will always have some arthritis to deal with, but if all goes well, she should be able to live quite happily.