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Second Guessing

13 May

I just posted my predictions for who was kidding in June and who wasn’t.  Now I’m second guessing myself.

Purl (not bred) and Hilda (obviously pregnant)

Antigone was with Xerxes for a really long time, but she was really run down after raising kids last year and I didn’t have anywhere else to put her that she would get to go in and get a bit of extra care.  I just checked again, and I think she’s starting to make an udder.  She is probably due much later in the summer than everyone else–maybe July or even August.


I am letting her in the milk room to get extra feed, and I’ll keep pampering her.

In related news (kind of), I keep trying to get a picture of Jasmine and Aladdin to be next year’s tail count kids, but they are not cooperating.

Aladdin in front of Cinnamon (not a good fit for “tail count”)

If I can’t get them, I at least have a backup with Tippy and Tawny.

Tippy and Tawny

Seriously? I’m thinking next year and we aren’t even done kidding this year.