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Checking Fence

8 May

I’m getting ready to turn the goats and llamas out onto the back part of the Back Forty.


As dry as we’ve been, it will be good to give this front part a break.  They just put us back into a “moderate drought” category.


heading back to the barnyard

The first step was checking along all of the fence.  I need to make sure my ditches haven’t washed away any of my panels I put.

It’s hard to maintain a fence that goes along so many hills.

thrasher on the fence

I did take the camera hoping to see a lot of birds.  The pair of thrashers are the only ones who posed for me.


I did notice I need to add some more t-posts to keep the fence from just moving as the goats go under.

I need to plug a couple of holes.

I need to fix where fat wethers step on the fence to reach over and collapse it.

I was not happy to see that the den looks like it’s had fresh activity.  I might have to set the trail cam to see what’s out there.

Hopefully, this weekend I can open it up for them (although it’s not looking likely).  We’ll see.  Coyotes make me nervous even with the llamas out there.