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Never Ending

6 May

I swear the copper issues are never ending.


I noticed last week that Caroline had bottle jaw.  I checked and her eyes were pure white.

Caroline with a very swollen jaw

I locked her in the north paddock with her little boy, added a bit of sweet feed to her diet and gave her another copper capsule.

Caroline and Chunky Boy

Then I noticed Athena had bottle jaw.  I couldn’t manage to catch her (brat), but I did get her to take some copper.


They are both doing much better already.

no more bottle jaw

It took forever to get through my last round of copper, but my moms had it first.  It’s been just over a month for them, so I’m going to give all the moms another round.

Daisy with Greta and Gary; Purl behind

I also want to make sure my pregnant girls get another round.  They need more when they are pregnant and nursing.

Onyx looks like she’s had a little hair loss on the ears, so she got copper

Hopefully, I can get everyone back on a single schedule again.

Litha napping in the sun

I keep thinking I have to get the herd somewhat caught up eventually. Don’t I?