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Predictions for June

5 May

I’m ready to make my predictions of who is and who is not going to have kids.


I already decided Antigone, Trace and 2TC were not going to have babies, and I’m sticking with that.

Trace on the right with sister Bubbles to the left

Joani is bred.  I copped a quick feel of the udder, and she is making one.

Joani with Cinnamon and Aurora behind

Sidney is bred.  I haven’t checked her udder to be 100% sure, but she is round and I assume she’s bred.


Zinnia is looking huge.  I assume she’s bred because that’s a lot of belly for a slim dairy goat.


Moira is making an udder.  She is my first timer as a two year old.


Then there’s my true yearling, Onyx.  I already called her bred, and she’s really making an udder.  She comes from two really good milking lines, and I hope she’ll let me milk her.


I assumed Hilda was bred.  She’s looking awfully round, but I’m not crazy enough to try to check her udder.


Then there’s Cupid.  I couldn’t feel her udder last time I checked, but she’s getting round, and now I can tell she’s just starting to make an udder. She’ll be about the last one due.

Cupid (with daughter Tansy behind her)

I finally caught Tansy eating and snuck a quick feel.  She’s making an udder.  She’s  going to also have Freddie kids.


I’m hoping for smooth kidding in June!