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30 Apr

Time for more portraits of the kids!




Rajah (running to see if he gets a bottle)

Mia and Micah

Olaf and Swen




LilyAnn feeding Jasmine and Aladdin


Wild Birds

29 Apr

My knee is doing much better, but I still haven’t been out for long hikes in the Back Forty.  I’m hoping that will be this weekend.  I love trying to photograph the wild birds this time of year.

Mr. Cardinal

Mrs. Cardinal

The geese are still hanging out in the Back Forty

a red-bellied woodpecker

I’ve still gotten to enjoy some wild birds just by hanging out in the house and barnyard.  And I still need to wash my windows.

The Yearlings

28 Apr

I’m still trying to figure out which of my yearling girls settled for June kids.


I know Onyx is bred. She’s round and making an udder.  Her sister, Ruby is not bred.  I kept her away from the boys, and she’s still going to get sold.

Onyx lying in front of her maa, Victoria, with her sister, Ruby beside her

Everyone else is still a question.


Then there’s the other issue with my yearlings. It’s no longer just Tansy who is wild.

Tansy in front of her maa, Cupid

Now that everyone is back together and I’m not giving them sweet feed in a small space every evening, they don’t like me anymore.


Really. Onyx is the only one of those girls who will come up and be sweet to me.

Well, Purl still comes up to me, and I know she’s not bred because, as a June baby, I kept her locked away from the boys too. She’ll get to have kids next year.

Of course, Popcorn loves me. He’s also jealous of the kids, so he’s as big a pain as he was last summer. I’m also happy to say that the copper is kicking in and he’s growing new fur with his real colors.

Popcorn being jealous of the kids by standing between them and me

And his only friend on the farm is once again a goat who is supposed to be sold.

Flora (with a horn apparatus) is supposed to be sold and Popcorn

How does he do that?