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Barnyard Brawl

28 Feb

Friday evening, I saw a single line of hoof prints in the lane.  Saturday morning, I looked out to see goats on the hill.  It’s been a month since they have been out of the barnyard, and they have been horribly cooped up with the cold.  That means the sudden warm weather had them a bit crazy.

When they saw me in the barnyard, they raced back.  You know, on the off chance I might have had treats.

Pluto, Sidney and Casey in the lead

Then it was a free-for-all.

Wanda and Cutie fighting in front. Sidney and Pluto trying to figure out how Moira got on the fallen tree.

Purl leaping off the tree; Cupid racing under it; Wanda and Sidney fighting.

Zinnia and Cutie (half-sisters) fighting by my side.

Moira won Queen of the tree; Tansy leaping off; Daisy in front staring down Hilda; Pluto and Wanda fighting behind the tree.

Pluto, Wanda, and Purl on the back tree stump; Sidney looking on.

Tansy and Moira in a re-match of “Queen of the Tree”.

All the activity got Xerxes wound up too.

The frost made the tree really slick. Purl watching her maa, Hilda, make a not very elegant dismount.

To be continued…