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More Pics From Last Weekend

27 Feb

I took a whole bunch of pictures last weekend because it was just nice to be out.


Some goats are starting to look round.  It won’t be that long before we start kidding.


I still have Xerxes, Astra and Antigone in the buck room.

Xerxes, Astra, and Antigone

Hilda had just been picking up weight from raising Stitch and Purl when the cold hit.  She’s been coming in for extra food with Purl sometimes.


He looks so handsome in the sunshine.


Maybeline is such a floofy goof.


Wanda appreciates all the hay to lay on out in the sunshine.


I love Daisy’s beard–Fu Manchu with a dark streak on each side.


She and Casey were snuggling.  I don’t know why.  All the girls seem to like Casey.

Casey and Daisy

Gidget was snacking on some hay.

Gidget and Maybeline

Cupid and Tansy were also sharing some hay.

Cupid and Tansy

Tansy is still not tame.  She will come in to eat when I call though, so I’m making slow progress with her.