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Through My Window

17 Feb

I’ve been reduced to taking picture through the window just to have something for you.  It has made me realize how much I miss my bird feeders.


I set some dog food on the deck (because they seemed to have found it when I was putting it out for Sky while it was so cold.


Don’t worry, he always has dog food on the back porch that he can get too, but it’s never eaten.  He’s got weird eating preferences.

red-bellied wood pecker

Of course, my dog is not friendly to wild critters in the yard.  He has been trying to catch the rabbit in the evenings (no pictures because it’s too dark).  I have to watch before I let him out.  He also stole the mouse Rocky caught when the cat set it down.  Now it’s on my deck along with the ear of field corn he stole from the back porch.  He does make life interesting.

Anyhow, it didn’t take long for the birds to show up and snack on the food I put out there.

I have also decided that when the weather warms up, I really need to wash my windows if I’m going to take pictures through them.

Blue jay coming in for the dog food

There were a couple of tense moments between the blue jay and starlings.

If there weren’t a window between them, Rocky says that bird would be his toy snack.

Rocky bird wishing

Sky also thought it was unfair that I put his food out for the birds.

I also saw a squirrel out the window on the other side of the house.

I kid you not (when I didn’t have the camera in my hand), that silly squirrel jumped out of the tree and did a belly flop in the snow before taking off across the yard.

Why do I have such weird animals around here?


We have had a few peeks of sun between the numerous snows.

Hilda and Purl

Obviously. That’s the only way to get icicles.

It was enough to let the goats bask on the south side of the barn.