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But I’m Grateful

15 Feb

I’m done whining.  I can also share what I am grateful for as we are getting closer to seeing more normal temperatures.


I still have just a couple days of hay left from 2019.  I still have plenty of hay in the barn to get me through the winter.

old hay front left; new hay in the back and loft

While it’s normal for animals to lose weight when it’s this cold, I’m not seeing too much of that in the goats.  All the extra grain and hay they’re getting is keeping them going.

Chunky Freddie full of energy

In fact, Antigone has even gained a bit of weight. Granted, I am bringing her in the garage to eat without anyone else chasing her away, but I have the facilities to do that.


She has been good about wearing her coat.

Astra, Antigone, and Xerxes

I’ve shut the door to the buck room at night, and it warms up overnight to the point that my water spigot (which always freezes) thaws.  They do have the best room on the farm.

My water setup outside (even though I have to replace heaters and drop cords) has been pretty good.  I don’t have to worry about getting them water.  That is huge!

And, even though she’s much cuter in warm weather when she bounces on me the whole time I’m doing chores, Purl is my sweet little girl.  She makes me laugh.


I did manage to get Aurora to follow me into the greenhouse.  I can’t get a coat on her. I can’t get a halter on her to lead her to the garage.  I only hope it’s enough.

Flora, Aurora, and Litha

I did move a couple more old goats to the garage (and put Dolly over there from the greenhouse).  I left my car in there.  Hopefully, they don’t jump on it.

Bambi, Antigone, Dolly (the blur by my car), and Flower

So, I guess I’ll quit whining, keep feeding them like crazy and hope we all make it through.