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I’m Whining Now

14 Feb

With the Arctic blast continuing, all I’ve got is some thoughts on the cold with cell phone pictures because it’s too much work to take the good camera out in this stuff.  This may be all you get all week.

So cold even the geese are inside. (Cinnamon, Athena, Gidget, Hera, Joy, Zinnia, and Margarita)

It’s not even pretty.  The skies are white.

The little snow we get each day is enough to drift my walking paths shut and hide the food pans because of the winds.

You can barely see the one in the back

I swear it seems like I have to stop and buy food every day because they are going through so much in this cold.

I am past due for giving everyone their copper, but I can’t figure out how to manage peanut butter in gloves.

Most of the eggs I gather are frozen solid with straw stuck to them by the time I get home from work and gather them.

While I’m whining, I hate the doors in my garage.  They are cheap pieces of junk.  I will never have another door from Menards installed on my property ever.

Tying or blocking is the only way to keep it shut. I’ll look at it when it’s warmer out.

I’m worried about Aurora. She’s dropping weight with this extended cold. I tried catching her and leading her to the garage where I could keep her warmer and feed her extra, but I couldn’t get it done.  I’ll keep trying.

Aurora basking

And I lost my Nugget.

I’m worried he won’t be the last.