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Cold Update

13 Feb

We’re still frigid.  We’ve had more snow and wind.  Of course, Litha came into heat right at the start of the cold, on another snowy day.  She was torturing Freddie.

Freddie and Litha

Joani wasn’t thrilled with being kicked out of the buck room that snowy day either, but all the personalities and old ladies are making it hard to keep everyone warm.

Joani; notice the wind caused angled icicles.

I’m trying though.  Haley ditched her coat after just a day, but I think she’s doing better without so many young, big pushy goats.  She’s getting a lot more to eat.


Remember I was having a hard time keeping the heated bucket in the greenhouse plugged in because of naughty goats?

Popcorn and troublemaker Penelope

Well, there’s pretty much nothing that can’t be fixed on the farm with duct tape or baling twine.  I finally decided this was a job for duct tape.  So far it’s working!

I think Bob has the best plan–stay in the house.

Bob Cat

Although, he gets really growly when he has to go out to the bathroom.  (He hates cat litter and thinks he’s a dog). I swear everyday when I check the forecast, the cold weather keeps stretching on longer and longer.

Along with the Arctic temps, the windchill is expected to be -40°F in the morning. I am beyond ready for spring. Heck, I’d be happy for normal mid-winter temperatures right now.