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12 Feb

It’s still brutal cold.  I am beyond ready for spring.  Real spring with a hint of grass and garden.  I guess in the meantime, I’ll stick with my potato.  I started another pot, too, and it’s coming through the soil now.

It’s blossoming.  I might actually get a harvest from it.

I didn’t start knitting Hedwig.  I decided that was too difficult of a project for this time of year, so I’m doing another easy, relaxing project.  It’s a baby blanket. I don’t know who it’s for yet, but when I need one, I’ll have it.

I am still working on Tansy.  The fact that she loves food is a good thing. I’ve tricked her to coming into the milk room several times, and now she runs to come in with her mom.

Tansy wondering how she got herself into this

I get to pet her while she’s eating.

Tansy and Purl sharing a snack

Hopefully that will translate to just accepting that I’m not horrible and she should be tame. Hopefully…