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The Magic Buffalo Coat

11 Feb

What’s the whole herd staring at?

Just Antigone wearing a coat.

Antigone with Xerxes behind

Antigone was still cold in the buck room, so I gave her a coat.


This is not just any old coat. This is the Magic Buffalo Coat.

I swear to you, I’ve put coats and blankets on goats, and nothing happens, but when I put this coat on a goat, it gives them the power to freak out everyone else and be able to make the bully goats back down.  Astra wouldn’t even come in the buck room with her little sister wearing that coat.

Astra in the doorway; Antigone wondering what the big deal is.

Seriously.  The last time a goat wore this coat it was Vinnie.

Vinnie in the coat.

One of the few times she didn’t have someone chasing her from the food pan.

She got the same reaction from the herd.

Her mom and sister in the background running from her.

It is truly a Magical Buffalo Coat!  She might want to wear it year-round.