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I Need a New Toaster

10 Feb

The thing about old houses is that you can’t keep the mice out.  It’s a good excuse to keep several cats around.

Rocky (no pictures from the actual incident)

Last week, I heard a noise in the kitchen.  I peeked in and saw Rocky trying to catch a mouse.

a previous invader where they always sneak in behind my counter

I heard another noise and peeked back in. To my horror, I watched as he stuck his paw down into the toaster and popped a mouse out.  He’s lucky the toaster was unplugged.  I can only imagine fried mouse and cat.  I’m guessing he grabbed it from behind the toaster with his paw and then dropped it right into the bread slot.

No trap besides Rocky this time

Anyhow, after it popped out, he grabbed it and carried his catch upstairs.  Then he brought it back downstairs. Then he took it back upstairs.  That’s the last I saw of it, so I assume the little rodent was toast.  Bwahahahahaha–get it? Toaster?  He’s toast?????

A couple days later, he caught another one. It, too, did not survive.

And I seriously need a new toaster.