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Brutal Cold

7 Feb

Thursday, our high temperature was about 40°F right at midnight.  Temperatures fell through the day, and it’s not going to get any better for quite some time.

This is the coldest stretch we’ve had all winter.  I decided I needed to do something to help my old ladies (and a couple of others).

Blaze and 2TC sharing some calf starter

I dug out a couple of heat lamps and gave one to Victoria and her girls.

Victoria (right after I plugged it in before it melted the snow)

I put another in the greenhouse.

Dolly and Antigone (she found the heat lamp right away)

Others will have to hunker down and snuggle together.  Of course, I’ll keep a close eye on them.  I’m hoping to avoid any animals in the garage this winter, but that will be determined by how they do.


You might remember I had been having a hard time keeping the heated water bucket plugged in in the greenhouse.  I’m thinking I can’t blame Purl since she’s moved out and it was still getting unplugged regularly.  I’ve made an adjustment, and I hope that will keep the bucket thawed.

Penelope looking guilty (the saw is to the left)

I’m going to have to make sure I provide everyone with extra food to keep them going in this cold.

Purl and Hilda


Luckily, I still have plenty of hay in the barn. But February is going to seem way longer than twenty-eight days.