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The Tiger

6 Feb

Tiger! Tiger! jumping high
O’er the fences of the pen,
What barnyard fence or panel
Could contain your feisty soul?

This boy is way too much like his daddy, Zeus.  When I came home from work on Monday, he was wandering in the barnyard with the main herd.  I thought I must have not gotten the gate tightly shut, letting him sneak out.  I caught him and put him back up with Freddie.  As I was turning, I caught movement, and turned to see him come over the top of the fence.


I went back to feeding everyone wondering what the heck I was going to do with him.  When I went in the Love Shack to feed Victoria and her girls, he jumped on the panel. As I was pouring their food in the pans, Tiger ran around to a different part of the panel and hopped over the fence.  He stayed in there, so I figured I’d deal with him and everyone else the next night.  He was still in there the next morning. He was still in there the next evening.  But, Freddie didn’t like being alone, so he must have jumped that panel too.


Now, Tiger and Freddie are still in the Love Shack and seem content.

I put Victoria and her girls up north.

Victoria, Onyx, and Ruby

So much for boring.