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5 Feb

Remember when I said I was ready for spring?  Instead, we had a blizzard on Thursday!

After the snow–this is just blowing

It was even bad enough the geese were inside.

Geese, Aurora, with Myson and Casey in the back

Later, they did come out after I put a bit of hay outside for them.

the geese

Luckily, I had everyone inside.

Poor Victoria and her girls caught the worst of it because of the direction the wind was coming from.

Victoria and Onyx

I did make it a challenge to feed everyone.  Even though I lucked out with the wide open spot where I feed them,

I had to deal with a drift right in front of the door.

Hilda and Purl

My old ladies were still happy to come in for a bit of extra feed (and they had goat feed back in stock!).


February is looking like it could be the longest (seeming) month of the year.