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Calf Starter

3 Feb

Since the feed store couldn’t give me any idea of when they might be able to get more goat feed (a plant shut down???), I consulted my vet.  I have to have something to provide more calories to my old ladies.


To  make it more fun, I figured out that Dolly’s teeth are getting worn down so that it’s just hard for her to eat shelled corn.  I had to have something else.


His suggestion…

Yep. Calf starter.  Hey, it will give me a new feed sack to turn into a tote bag, too.  Cinnamon is always under foot, so I decided to let her test it out and see if she would eat it.  Of course she did.

Cinnamon taste testing

So, I’m feeding calf starter to my old ladies and some of the young, first-time moms.


As a bonus, it’s not quite as expensive as the goat feed.