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Who’s Where

1 Feb

I was going to get the boys and girls separated before the storm arrived because we’re done breeding. Yay!  However, it didn’t work very well.

Litha torturing Tiger; Onyx in back

I did get a few moved.  I put 2TC back with her maa, Blaze.  I am still worried about her making it through the winter, so I thought a daughter to snuggle with would be good for her.

Blaze and 2TC (Antigone on the shelf)

When I was letting 2TC out of the Love Shack, Trace came out first.  After wandering around the barnyard for a while, she decided she wanted in the greenhouse, and that’s a good place for her.

Trace (Purl on the workbench)

Moira took matters into her own hooves, and let herself out.  This is the second time she’s done that, and I still don’t know how.  After chasing Joy around the barnyard trying to fight with her for an hour or so, she settled right in again.


I was going to try and get the girls away from Freddie (who by the way has discovered the buckish joy of peeing on his face). It didn’t happen.  Nobody would cooperate.

No more snuggles with Freddie

Then, as I prepared for the snow, I decided I had to get Victoria in where I could make sure she was getting more food.  I caught Tiger by the tail horns and straddle walked him to where Freddie is.


Hilda was pretty easy to get out.  Cupid and Tansy were a bit more work, but I finally got them out.  It’s just the two bucks up there now.

Hilda and Cupid butting heads; Tansy in back

I put Victoria into the Love Shack with Onyx (her daughter) and moved her other girl, Ruby, in with them too.  That should make them all happy.  For some crazy reason, I thought I could add Dolly since she’s Victoria’s grandmaa.  That didn’t work.


I finally ended up putting Dolly in the greenhouse.  Luckily, she seems to have given up the idea of picking on Blaze.

Dolly (with Trace behind)

Purl snuck out while I was moving Ruby.  She immediately found her maa, Hilda.  I left her out.

Hilda and Purl

I had let Sidney out of the buck room with Xerxes right after she came into heat because nobody would let her eat.  I tried to baby her, but it was chaos.  So she’s back with the main herd.


Xerxes still has Astra, Zinnia and Joani with him.


I think this is how we’re going to stay for now.


By the way, most of the rest of the pictures this week all come from right before the storm hit because cameras, rain, snow, and ice do not mix well.