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In the Works

30 Nov

I keep posting recipes here occasionally.  I have to say, I’ve become a much more creative cook since I started blogging.

chocolate macaroon beet cake

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but growing up we were a pretty basic meat-and-potatoes kind of family.  Now I’m vegetarian.

My reason for giving up meat–MJ

I love using herbs and spices and being creative.

Some of my recent playing in the kitchen is trying to find ways to use all the squash from my garden.

This one is spaghetti squash au gratin.

I’ve decided to try and pull all of my recipes together and put them into a book because I can’t find anything right now.  I’m constantly searching two recipe boxes and the blog to find the recipe I want.  I wanted to have it done this fall, but I’m enjoying playing in the kitchen during the pandemic.

As I do this, I’m also trying to get more healthy with my vegetarian cooking.  Right now I use a lot of processed foods, and I’d like to change that.  I just tried a new recipe for homemade “meatless” crumbles as a hamburger substitute.  I tried it as sloppy Joes.

It turned out pretty darn good!  I think I’m going to have to keep playing for a while before I print it out.