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I Caught Him!

16 Nov

After three days of chasing and catching Tiger to get him away from girls, he wouldn’t let me close to him.

Tiger (you better stay on the other side of the fence) and Freddie (come love me please)

Unfortunately, without his horn apparatus, he was back to getting stuck.  Of course it would be dark or the guy cutting trees who let him out, so I couldn’t get one put back on at that time.

I finally caught him and got the horn apparatus back on him.

He’s also much happier now that he has Freddie for company.

Tiger and Freddie

Little stinkers.  And the big stinker.

Xerxes found the cockle burrs. I’m not even trying to remove them from him.

Now I just need Xerxes to settle down from being in rut, and I can have all three of the bucks together again.