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A Chip Off the Ol’ Block

13 Nov

Tiger seems to be a lot like his dad, Zeus.


That’s good and bad.  He managed to breed the girls I put him with, at least the two who came into heat.


But about three days after I got everyone sorted out, he busted out of the front pasture (which also caused him to lose his horn apparatus).  He also got out the next day and the next.


In his defense, one day he was escaping from Xerxes, probably however Gidget busted in with Xerxes.



These goats are killing me!

That means I will be giving some girls some shots.

Dolly (my oldest lady)

It also means I either keep my little girls long enough to give them a short or sell them as exposed.

Cher, Stormy, and Flora (had been flirting with Xerxes all day)

This boy better not bust out again.  Knock on wood, I think I have him contained now.  I do not want any more oopsie babies!