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Everyone Else

3 Nov

Trying to make babies for spring really disrupts everyone.  I had to completely divide the two halves of the barnyard.  The llamas were not amused.

Odie looking at the panel blocking her way

Somehow, when I was putting the panels up, I didn’t notice that the geese were on the far side.

at the top of the Back Forty

I don’t want them hanging out in pasture too much because of the risk of coyotes, so I had to get them back on this side.  These four do not have power steering.

geese, Aurora, Odie and Maybeline

They were not cooperative.  I did finally get them up the lane and through the barn back to the side they need to be on.

Dividing the herd like this does also make it harder for me to give my old ladies their meds and a bit of extra care, but it’s just a few days.

Pluto and Dolly (wondering why she’s been banned from the milk room and sweet feed)

Feeding the ones without a buck

Popcorn wasn’t happy either.


The most upset though were the moms and kids who got weaned with the moves.

Sidney trying to get back to her daughter, Tilly

We can all hang in there and we’ll be back to normal soon.