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They’re Still Here

15 Sep

I think the last month or so of craziness is catching up with me, as well as going to back to work after six months.  I’m still trying to reclaim my house from weeks of gravel dust and the funk of no dehumidifier running in the basement.  I’m thinking I need a dumpster to completely empty the basement out (walls included) and start over.

Hard to tell how bad it is, but you can see on the cribbage board where I wiped my finger across it.

My allergies are killing me. Anyhow…

Festus, Ares, and Octavius

Top that off with the rainy weather, and I didn’t catch the little bucks.

Seven and Archie

Since I didn’t catch the boys, I decided to heck with taking just the girls.

Flora, Fannie, Six, and Cher

So, yeah, they’re all still here.  They are still on the big pasture.

Hera, Ares, Festus, Dolly, Octavius, Gill (behind: Stitch and Popcorn)

But I will get them moved away from the girls.  Really, I will.