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5 Sep

Somehow with all the crazy stuff going on, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that we are so dry we are now in a severe drought.

I think I might even be close to extreme based on the descriptions.  There’s a couple of times my mom had a good rain, and I didn’t get hardly a sprinkle on the farm.

just enough rain to vex the goat and the electricians last week

And we’re just a couple of miles away.  The allergies are out of control.

Bubbles and little sister Trace fighting on the dying grass

It is horribly dry and dusty out here on the gravel road.

I am worried about all my trees that survived the derecho.

They were so battered and had leaves ripped off, and they are also losing leaves because of the drought.

Milo and Freddie in front

I am hoping for a change in the weather pattern that will bring us some rains (without winds).