Chicken of the Woods

2 Jul

My son has a thing for mushrooms.  He has spent quite a bit time reading about them, and last year he started foraging for them.  He brought me a bunch of morels to prepare and preserve for him.  This year, he brought me more mushrooms to prepare for him.

He added some half-free morels and even a pheasant back mushroom.  I have to tell you, it smells like watermelon.  Seriously.

I did decide after frying all of those mushrooms that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make some delicious gravy.

As a vegetarian, I hardly ever have the makings for good brown gravy like when I was a kid.

It was delicious.  Anyhow, all of my son’s interest in mushrooms has me paying a bit closer attention.  Last week, when I was out making sure all the kids were with their moms in pasture, I saw a bright orange spot on my tree.  Closer inspection revealed this fun guy.

Chicken of the Woods

I sent the picture to my son and asked if he wanted it, and he told me yes; it was called chicken of the woods.  He stopped by on his way home, and we took the ladder out to pasture.  I held it while he climbed up and cut it off the tree.

I did some investigating on how to prepare it and consulted with some facebook friends, and finally I decided to bread it and deep fry it.  I did double dip in the flour and egg/milk pans to get it completely coated before putting it in the cracker crumbs.

I was a bit skeptical of it really tasting like chicken, but you know what.

It does.  It was pretty good.

I even made mine into a sandwich, and it was good.

I have the rest of it prepared and frozen because it’s supposed to be easy to store that way.

Now I hope I find more of them.

3 Responses to “Chicken of the Woods”

  1. Jeanne at 11:52 pm #

    I’ve never heard of Chicken of the Woods mushrooms. And i can’t imagine what they taste like! U

  2. eileeninmd at 5:24 am #


    I have seen chicken of the woods many times on our walks. But, I have never picked a wild mushroom, I am scared to pick the wrong kind. Your gravy looks delicious. Take care, Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

    • Teresa at 7:12 am #

      There are no false chicken of the woods mushrooms. If it is that bright orange puffy shelf kind of shroom, it’s safe (and pretty darn tasty). Happy 4th!

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