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Fionn MacCumhaill Osboer

10 May

I have  a short list of goats who I know will not be with me a lot longer.  We said Good-bye to Maggie and Harley on Friday.  Today, when I went out to do chores, Fionn was gone.  Being in rut is really hard on the boys, and Fionn turned nine in March.  That’s old for a buck, and add the issues we’ve had with copper into the mix, and I don’t know how he ever lived this long.

He was the sweetest buck you could ever hope to find.  Really.  He was my bottle kid, but he was universally accepted on the farm; he frequently snuggled with Pebbles and her triplets from that year (including Cinnamon).

Pebbles, Bullwinkle, Fionn, Cinnamon and Rocky

He has given me 229 kids through the years.  If Joani is bred for June, he’ll add to that number.

Bonnie and Fionn in 2018

My beautiful, handsome buck.

goat buck

Fionn last April

My heart is breaking.