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What Season is it Now?

2 May

It’s allergy season!  Seriously.  The trees are blooming.

cherry blossom

They are beautiful, but they are killing me.

cherry blossom

The magnolia even looks better than I thought it might after our week of freezing weather.

My plum tree is alive.  That’s about all I can say about it.

plum tree blossom

There are some new little ones coming up. Hopefully, I can get a couple started in another location.

little plum tree in front of Sky

The crab apple is starting to blossom too.

Hopefully, I can get my allergies under control, too, because the garden has been tilled, and it’s time to plant.

I started putting in the sweet corn, onions, garlic, and hot peppers.  My son complained my salsa isn’t hot enough, so we’ll try these peppers.

I have more plants to put in (there’s another whole box of tomato plants), and lots more row stuff.

But it started raining on me!

By the time I was close to my house, the rain was quitting and the sun was coming back out.

Hopefully, that means I’ve been back up and planting a lot more before you got to read this.