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A Tough Transition

31 May

I got my new chicks on March 31st when they were just tiny babies.

the day they came home

They started in the soap room, but it was not too long before they moved into the garage.

getting big

Well, they are big girls now, and I really needed to get them moved to the barn with the rest of the birds.  I started by putting them in the pen overnight.

It was quite traumatic.  They spent days cowering and hiding and wondering what the heck I had done to them.

Luckily all my older chickens have been really good to them.

the rest of the chickens except the one who was in the nest box

Nugget and one of the hens taking a dust bath

They have to be a little careful of the geese because the geese are a little naughty to everyone.

(we’ve had rain every day this week, hence all the mud)

Finally, they are figuring it out.  I’ve never had such a traumatic move for chickens before.

Poor girls.

Still Checking Goats

30 May

I’ve still been checking goats to make sure nobody is stuck or on the wrong side of the fence.  I’ve been checking quite frequently in the afternoons because of our stormy weather pattern.  I don’t want anyone stuck out in a storm.  Wednesday when I went out to check goats, Myson was standing by himself on the bottom.

Myson was watching the herd until he heard me.

I don’t know why, but when I went to join the rest of the herd, he came with me.

Sydney (closest)

I woke Joker up when I walked by, so he raced to catch up to the herd.


I looked everywhere for Penelope, but I didn’t see her, so I quickly walked the rest of the perimeter of the pasture.  I couldn’t find her!  I headed back to the herd, and guess what.  There she was!

Ruby, Penelope, Freddy, Moose, and Casey



Actually I was just happy she wasn’t stuck in the fence.  She’s been much better, so hopefully she’s figured out she just can’t put her head through the fence anymore.

Coming in June

29 May

Well, it has certainly been a crazy kidding year with all the oopsie babies.  We are finally reaching my second round of planned kids–June babies.


We only have three girls left to have babies.  I decided Fionn wasn’t able to get the job done, and Joani isn’t going to kid this year.  That’s fine.  She raised three last year, so she’s entitled to a year off.


Caroline was supposed to have babies, but she managed not to settle also.  As naughty as she’s been this spring, I am threatening her with getting sold or eaten (remember, I’m a vegetarian), but she is totally not concerned.


Aphrodite was in heat just as I put her in with Zeus.  If she settled, she’s due June 10th.  If she didn’t settle right away, she’ll be due June 30th.


Hilda is due June 20ish.  She’s huge.  Really huge.  Maybe if she has triplets, I’ll have to help one with bottles and make it a tame keeper girl.

Oh, Hilda…

Finally, Antigone will have her first kids on June 23rd.  Well, that’s when she’s due.


Then we’ll be done! Unless…