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A Herd Divided

23 Apr

I still have my herd divided into two groups.  I have the moms that recently had kids on the smaller front pasture.

That would be Astra through the second spring break moms.

Astra, Avril, Joker and Jester (poor girl always has a kid attached to her udder)

Everyone else is on the Back Forty.

That includes the first nineteen kids born this year; although Uno barely counts as a kid anymore.

Maybeline and Aurora with a bunch of the kids

There is a fence dividing the two groups.

Back Forty on the left; front pasture on the right

I really want to put them back together because I have so much I need to get done, but it’s hard when I have gates and fences and such.  I’m just waiting for the littles to get a bit bigger, so they can keep up with the herd.

Chrys, Tish, Tilly, Tansy, and Six

Hopefully, I can integrate the two groups this weekend.