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I’m Wondering About Another Oopsie Baby

21 Apr

At one time with all the oopsie babies being created, I was worried that Cookie and Dolly might have been bred, but I think they both lucked out and are not.  Thank goatness!


Next up for oopsie babies is Margarita.  She busted through the fence to get to Xerxes, and she is due on May 22nd.  Hopefully, they will be little kids.  I really wasn’t sure I was going to breed her again because it was way too stressful for me with how small she is.  She has grown quite a bit though, so I’m sure it will be fine.


Now, I’ve been wondering about Joy.  I tried checking her udder, but apparently the effects of my letting her in the milk room has worn off over the winter because I couldn’t get a real good feel.


Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.