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Cinnamon Has Six

11 Apr

Like I said yesterday, Cinnamon was my last one to have kids for this round.  Because after that day, I finally got that brat Zeus confined.


When I went out at 2 am to check her, she was a drama queen–talking to me and wanting me to stay with her and hold her hoof.

being a drama queen yesterday

I went back to bed for a couple of hours.  I checked her.  Nothing at 9:30.  Same story all the way to 10:00 am.

Well.  That was way sooner than I thought it would be because I never once saw her have a strong contraction. She didn’t have fluids. No up and down. No pawing. No excessive peeing.  Just being a drama queen and wanting me to sit with her.


She has one little girl who shall be called Six.

I got them moved to the buck room before the rain started.  She nursed one side.

Both mom and kid are doing well.  Now I have a break until Margarita has her oopsie baby (babies) on May 22nd.

Total kids born so far this year:  35
Bucks:  18   Does:  17
Planned babies:  17
Oopsie babies:  18
Number named oopsie babies: 6