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Kidding Catch Up

10 Apr

It’s been really busy, and I am totally sleep deprived and crazy with video meetings. Wednesday, I ran out to pasture to check my girls before I had to do a video meeting, and I found that Sidney had twins.  Now, it’s not a big deal for them to have babies in pasture as long as I get them up before dark.  But it was crazy windy with a cold bite to it on Wednesday, and her babies were already getting chilled.  I ran back to the house (Okay-I’m old. I ran and then mall-walked so I didn’t have a heart attack), jumped in the truck and drove around as close as I could get without freaking her out.  I put the babies in the back seat, and she was a good mom and followed, but she would not go in on her own, so I had to heft her into the back seat.  Then I gave them a lift up to the garage.

Sidney and her kids after getting warmed up

Luckily, they warmed up quickly, and Sidney is a good mom.

Sidney and her doe

They are both doing well now.

Sidney’s buck

Sidney’s doe

The next morning, it was the same thing.  I had to do a quick run to pasture to check my girls before a video meeting.  This time, I saw Daisy lying right on the edge of the ditch where there’s plenty of water running right now.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera.  This might be a good time to review where Daisy has tried having her babies.

Year One:  On the workbench.

Daisy 2018

Year Two:  On the compost pile.

Daisy 2019

This girl does not do a good job of picking where to give birth.  I called to the rest of the herd, and bless her crazy, wild heart, Daisy came up.  I caught her and shut her in the greenhouse.  Just a short time later, she had twins!

Daisy with her twins

She also kept with the trend of the buck/doe combination.

Daisy’s buck

Everyone is doing well.

Daisy’s doe

Here’s LilyAnn’s little girl all dried off.

LilyAnn and Tish

Hera’s bucks are doing well.

Hephaestus (aka Festus)

I swear that girl’s udder is going to explode as full as it is.

Hera and Ares

Here are Cupid’s Tiger and Tansy as a bonus.  That’s all the Zeus oopsie babies so far this week.

Tiger (back) and Tansy

Now I just have Cinnamon to kid, and then I have a nice break.


Until my May oopsie babies.