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Holy Hera

8 Apr

This girl.  From the moment she was tiny, she was causing trouble.

Hera (April 2018)

She and her brother would both take bottles from me when they wanted, but I couldn’t touch them.

Zeus, Hera, and Juno (April 2018)

Then the two of them were the two who had to have the horn apparatus for an embarrassingly long time.

November 2018

Sometimes she’s my friend; sometimes she’s not.

January 2020

Then she and her brother decided to have oopsie babies.

April 2020

I finally sold Zeus, but Hera is here and round and still being a pain.

Hera, Moira, Bubbles, and Penelope last week

She was acting like early stages of labor on last Friday, and with the cold, icy weather coming, I shut her in.  She was talking, she was standing with her tail up.  This went on for almost a day, so I checked her. That was a feat in itself because she is currently on a kick where I am not her friend. Her cervix felt like it was opening, but after doing this for so long, I was worried.  I called the vet, and he confirmed that it was a little open, but she was not at a point to do anything.

I checked her all night; I checked her all morning.  Finally, after more fluids were gooping out, I checked her cervix again, but I really couldn’t feel anything.  I gave her a couple of hours and checked her again.  She was more cooperative because she’s tired.  She’s been yawning all day.  I finally called the vet again that afternoon (Sunday).  I swear I feel like this is my first time ever having a goat kid.  What is wrong with me?  Now I’m totally embarrassed because he said her cervix was completely closed.  Didn’t know it would close after being somewhat open, but hey.  Anyhow, I let her out to enjoy the sunshine and I quit checking her.  Well, not really.

Hera on Tuesday afternoon

Finally, on Tuesday evening, she was looking more like she was in labor again.  Seriously, though, she was walking around in pasture like Cupid and LilyAnn right before they gave birth, but she still wasn’t doing anything.  Anyhow, I shut her in Tuesday evening, and I checked her every hour or so until at 4:00 in the morning on Wednesday, I had to pull her kids.  Her first one, like LilyAnn’s girl, had a leg completely back.  This one was easier to pull though.

Hera and her two bucks freshly born

Finally the brat has her own brats.  We’ll see how that goes.

They are all doing well.