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Another Day, Another Kid

7 Apr

Last night I shut LilyAnn in the garage because she was acting like she was in labor.  When I put her in, she was all goofy, so I herded Hera in with her.  I checked every hour, and then I did go a couple of hours.  The girl never did anything but stand all night.  Finally, I decided I am no longer able to tell whether or not a goat is in labor (more on that in a later post) and I let her out.  Three hours later, I was trying to catch her again because she had one foot out and that was it.

LilyAnn and baby girl

I finally caught her and took her back to the garage.  I had to push the baby back and find another foot.  It was clear under her.  Once I got the foot pulled forward in the proper position, she was still big enough that I had to help pull her.

Poor LilyAnn.  But her baby girl is here, and they are both doing fine.

LilyAnn never wants me to be near her again though.

Here is a bonus of Cupid with her kids now that they are dry.

Cupid, Tansy, and Tiger

Only four more to go this week!