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Cupid’s Kids

6 Apr

This morning, I went out to pasture and checked everyone before my work-from-home staff meeting.  All my girls due this week were just out in pasture happily eating.

Caroline, Marge in front of Cupid, Aphrodite, Joani, Zinnia, LilyAnn, Sidney, Cutie, and Milo

When I got done with my meeting, I immediately went to check on everyone. I found Cupid by herself in the barn in hard labor. Of course, I had to shut Popcorn in a pen before I could do anything without him glued to me.


It was only about thirty minutes later that she had two adorable  babies.  Sorry for the blurry cell phone pictures.  In keeping with the trend, she has one boy and one girl.

buck in front; doe in back

Almost as soon as they were born, Aurora was coming to check them out.

That’s why I put a panel across.  Aurora just wants to meet the kids, but new moms don’t really appreciate all the visitors right away.

Soon, Maybeline was coming in, too, because new babies are noisy.

Then it started sprinkling and the whole herd came up from pasture.

I did move the panel back so the others could at least come in the barn, but Cupid still has a big space for her and the kids to get acquainted.

I can hardly wait to see these two when they are fully dried off and out in the sun.

Cupid washing Tiger

Tansy showing off her white stripe.

I present to you Tansy and Tiger!