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April Fools

28 Mar

You might remember that I have been complaining incessantly about Zeus getting out and making all kinds of unauthorized kids.  Well, do you remember in the middle of all that I also told you about Astra who decided to sneak through the fence (see my post Water Through a Fence) and have a date with Xerxes?  At least I knew who bred her and when she was due.  She was due for April 1st, April Fools Day.


But, I guess she decided to really trick me because she gave birth early, on March 27th.

Astra shut in the garage after coming up from pasture ready to have a baby.

She worked hard, and I was trying to get a video for you, but when the bag appeared, the baby was tail first, so I had to put down the camera and help.  She had an adorable little girl.

Astra and her little doe

She wasn’t done with just a girl, though.

She really tricked me by having three babies.

The first little white one is a girl and the two big mottled ones are boys.  I helped her little girl get in there and nurse first because it’s probably the only time she won’t have brothers trying to push her out of the way.

Meet Astra’s April fools: Avril, Jester, and Joker.

Avril (French for April)

Jester (front) and Joker (back with more brown on the nose)

I’m guessing the last laugh will be on her trying to keep up with triplets.  I will try to get cute fluffy pictures soon, but we are back to rain.