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Bambi is Moved

22 Mar

I am already getting ready for my next oopsie babies.  Bambi is due on March 26th.  At least I know when she’s due and who bred her–that was the first (of many) day Zeus got out.


Bambi is a brat, and she can be rather difficult to do anything with.  It’s made worse because she doesn’t have horns for me to grab and drag her places.  But I got her moved with the moms!

How did I do that?

She can’t resist peanuts.  She would follow me anywhere for peanuts.

Thank goatness!  Now I’m going to have to come up with a name for oopsie baby number 5 (and maybe six and seven).  So far I have Uno, 2TC, Trace, and Quatro.  Any number 5 name suggestions?